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At BBC Cleaning we have built our reputation by providing a reliable and professional cleaning service to business owners who operate from commercial buildings. By providing the best cleaning service possible, you the business owner, can concentrate on your business rather than being concerned with how clean and sanitised the public and work areas are, or what image your commercial building will reflect. 

All commercial building owners know that it is essential that the building and surrounds are maintained and cleaned to a very high standard on a regular basis, so that when customers and clients visit the building they see that the business owner cares not only about their building, but they also care about their image and visitors. 

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Professional Commercial Building Cleaning

What services does a Commercial Cleaning Company offer?

The services offered by a commercial cleaning company will vary from company to company. Some may specialise in providing a particular service, for example, window cleaning or floor cleaning and polishing whilst others, like BBC Cleaning will provide a variety of general cleaning services including office cleaning.

Commercial cleaning service companies primarily provide these services to the business community including industrial, commercial and factory facilities, offices, gyms, retail shops and construction shops.

What is including in the commercial cleaning services offered by BBC Cleaning?

What is including in the commercial cleaning services offered by BBC Cleaning? The services included are listed below but is certainly not limited to these……

• Cleaning of hard floor surfaces
• Vacuuming of common area floors
• Cleaning of windows, frames, sills and ledges
• Cleaning of high traffic areas including lifts and staircases
• Handrail cleaning and disinfecting
• Spot cleaning of walls and ceilings
• Cleaning of Fire Stairs and ensure that all rubbish and obstacles are removed
• Cleaning of common area furniture
• Placement of bins for Council collection
• Wheelie bin cleaning and sanitation
• Full bathroom cleaning
• Car park and garage cleaning and maintenance
• Lawn mowing as per client requirements
• Carpet Cleaning as per client requirements

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If you would like a quote for any other these services or have a question about the other services we can provide, please contact us.

Medical Centre Cleaning

If you own or manage a Medical Centre we can provide a daily or regular cleaning and sanitisation service. By using our professional cleaning services your staff will no longer be taken away the very important task of supporting the doctors who are providing medical care to their patients.

The advantage of using our medical centre cleaning services is that we will provide team members who are specifically trained in cleaning medical centres. They understand the difference between cleaning and sanitisation and how to do both to an extremely high standard. Importantly, this means that the doctors, staff and patients know that they are entering medical rooms that are safe and hygienic.

Please let us provide you with a competitive quote to clean your medical rooms.

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Gym and Fitness Centre Cleaning

Our team can provide your gym cleaning services at a time to suit your businesses operating hours. We will consult with you to determine exactly what you require and then provide a competitive quote. We can clean the reception area, any offices, public areas including bathrooms and change rooms and if you require, we can clean all gym or fitness centre equipment.

Not only will we clean your gym, we will also sanitise it. The difference is that cleaning removes the dirt and grime after use but it does not necessarily remove the germs. Sanitising makes the areas safe and hygienic for your members and team members.

Contact us for a quote to provide your cleaning service needs.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

The team at BBC Cleaning provide a Satisfaction Guarantee.

We all know that from time to time that someone can have an “off day” and for some reason things are not attended to as they should be. This is unfortunate and we make every effort for our well trained team to do a great job. If this happens then you can be assured that our manager or supervisor will inspect the premises with you and immediately resolve any issue that has arisen.

We want you to be totally satisfied with our services so that you will be happy to continue to use our cleaning services and to know that you can confidentially refer your business colleagues to us.

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Please contact our team manager to discuss your cleaning requirements and give us the opportunity to provide a competitively priced quote.


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